Agrotopia opens its doors on the occasion of the Flemish Food Summit

Agrotopia opens its doors on the occasion of the Flemish Food Summit

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

On November 29, the Flemish Government is organizing the Flemish Food Summit. During this event, Flemish Minister of Agriculture and Food Jo Brouns will present the new Flemish food strategy. On this occasion, Agrotopia will open its doors on the 29th of November between 11 am and 2 pm.

The Flemish Government has set itself the goal of developing a strong and integrated Flemish food policy. The food policy focuses on healthy, sustainable, sufficient and safe food at the right price for each stakeholder in the food chain. It is therefore important that the current agricultural policy contributes to a strong food policy under which the food chain is viewed integrally and circularly. For this reason, the Flemish Government is organizing the Flemish Food Summit in Roeselare.

The new food strategy that will be presented on November 29 wants to focus on a better food system. To achieve this, it focuses on four pillars:

• Healthy and sustainable food for all
• Food system within ecological limits
• Full steam ahead for a resilient food economy
• Food connects farmer and citizen

It will focus on actions and deals with impact, with various partners working together. Yet the new strategy is not a detailed blueprint of the future. The path still needs to be set, together with the various partners, within the common framework of the food strategy.

Visit Agrotopia on November 29

On November 29, 6 Flemish companies/research institutions will open their doors. So everyone can see for themselves how our Flemish food system provides healthy and sustainable food for all, within the limits of possibilities and expectations and (not at least) … with attention to innovation. Agrotopia, our innovative research and demonstration greenhouse is one of these instutions.

At a stone’s throw from the lively center of Roeselare and close to REO Veiling, the beating heart of the West Flemish vegetable cultivation, you will find Agrotopia. In the rooftop greenhouse, we are taking steps toward high-tech greenhouse horticulture and professional urban farming. Through user-oriented co-creation in a realistic context, we have the ambition to develop and improve innovative technologies. The rooftop greenhouse, a transparent unit of glass and steel is a driving force for innovation in the sector. Growers, suppliers, knowledge institutions, technology companies and society work together at Agrotopia to create the greenhouse horticulture of the future.

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