Art & food systems : cycle of events co-organised by CITAG

Art & food systems : cycle of events co-organised by CITAG

Monday, January 16, 2023

“We’re hungry!” Many a revolution has begun with this cry. Being hungry responds both to a vital need of those our societies leave behind and to the urgency of existing within our intimacies and our communities. Through our singing, our movements, our vulnerable bodies, our silent revolts, we make our rumbling bellies resound.

In a self-devouring society, certain artistic practices struggle to shake up and infiltrate our imaginations and our relationships with the living. _Art & Alimentation_cycle__, initiated by the Cité de l’Agriculture in Marseille, aims to explore the links between these two notions. Art, like food, interacts with the territory in which it is created. It raises the question of accessibility, sharing and caring for the living.

Can art contribute to the creation of food justice? What kind of imaginary world can be created around food? Why does art, like good food, still belong to the elite?

In the face of injustice, communities have often organized themselves to ensure that households do not go hungry. It’s when communities organize themselves that they produce abundance, subverting the dominant unequal system. Thus was born cucina povera, the Italian culinary art of sharing resources, recycling leftovers by sublimating them, and setting a table that is always open to guests. In Marseilles, popular cuisines mix and mingle in crowded, affordable and warm banquets, where the traveler always has a place. Lasagne, pizza, minestrone, arancini, pompe à l’huile, couscous, mezzé and bouillabaisse are all examples of “poor” cuisine, rooted in the history of the area. Against the principle of capitalist opulence, we want to imagine a cuisine of joyful abundance.

Through this series of meetings in a hybrid format, accompanying reflection with generous artistic practices, we’ll be conducting research into new local agri-food organizations. The discussions will be led by Manifesto XXI, whose queer and feminist vision, deeply rooted in the young, committed creative scene, is committed to renewing our imaginations. _Art & Alimentation_cycle__ is a journey of experimentation that proposes an archive of all these conversations, with no frame limits, with the ambition of exploring the issues necessary to create a food and social system that makes community. The encounters will seek to escape the dynamics of an event by constituting themselves more as a documented exploration. The practices of the guest artists will be the trigger for these creative visualizations and exciting discussions.

In this city where poor cuisines meet and mingle, we affirm the need to generate a prosperity that sows sustainable seeds and multiplies means and raw materials.

We don’t just want bread, we want the whole damn bakery!

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