Policy Brief #1

WP3 CRFS INTELLIGENCE: structured and actionable knowledge

Policy Brief #1


Set-up CRFS labs to develop sustainable, inclusive, resilient, safe and diverse food systems at City region level. The purpose of this policy brief is to introduce to the target audience the urgency of urban issues related to food and the need to take the action outlined and therefore, serve as an impetus for action.
This policy brief is the first of a series of four that will be published periodically during the development of Cities2030 project.

Deliverable leader and key authors

Marta De Marchi, Maria Chiara Tosi, P38 IUAV (University of Venice)

Contributors and authors

Cristina Catalanotti, P38 IUAV

Raffaella Lioce, P02 EPC

Marie Shrestha, P16 TTZ