White Paper – Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

WP1 Impact

White Paper on RRI in CRFS - Labs Voices of Change: 12 Inspiring Stories for innovating food systems


Interviewing each of the 12 Cities2030’s pilots revealed inspiring stories of local initiatives trying to break through barriers to food innovation. Examining and sharing these food stories can foster collaboration and let innovation and research further flourish. For each story, we ask ourselves: what were the specific ‘drivers of change’ that helped to overcome local challenges?

Deliverable leader and key authors

Sam Van Damme, P04 VIVES (Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES Zuid)

Contributors and authors

Daniel Moolina, P19 SINNO (Fundacion Socialinnolabs)
Terhi Välisalo, P13 AGRIA (Proagria Etela-Pohjanmaa RY)