CRFS Lab description

Muğla CRFS Labs develops especially in the fisheries and more globally seafood value chains. Muğla CRFS Labs connects with organic aquaculture, microalgaes, microalgae-assisted integrated multi-trophic aquaculture to deliver healthy, sustainable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, especially to the schooling sphere.



A City Region Food System Lab that encompasses the Policy and the Living Lab spheres adopting a flexible multi-partner mechanism mutuated by FAO practises aimed at developing innovation in fisheries and seafood value chains

The Muğla CRFS Lab encompasses two distinct spheres: the CRFS Policy Lab and the CRFS Living Lab. CRFS Policy Labs foreseen events designed to identify policy-based challenges within food systems. They employ systemic thinking to explore potential solutions, such as developing new education and

training structures to support sustainable CRFS policy frameworks for policymakers or revising policy frameworks to promote healthier and more sustainable food provision in educational settings.

CRFS Living Labs follow a similar format but focus on challenges related to technology, business, and society within food systems. They also engage in systemic thinking to identify pathways for solutions. For example, they may work on social innovation pathways, like co-creating a food-sharing economic model to reduce food waste in the fisheries sector by 30% by 2030, or technology innovation pathways, such as implementing nature-based solutions to reduce nutrient leaching in land-based farming by 30% by 2030.

The Muğla CRFS Lab adopts a Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism inspired by FAO practices, which is proven to facilitate innovation cycles, foster demand-driven innovation actions, and leverage evidence-based strategies for change within the FoodNexus framework. This approach emphasizes the active involvement of various stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle, from planning and execution to demonstration and results dissemination.

Cities2030 partner organization participating in the Muğla CRFS Lab initiative is Istanbul Avrupa Arastirmalari Dernegi (IAAD, P05)