Velika Gorica

CRFS Lab description

Main aim and objective of the CRFS Lab are:
  • Establishing a supply chain monitoring system;
  • Connecting stakeholders from different food sectors on one place;
  • Development of a model for the modern market, which is integrated in supply chain monitoring system and supported by ICT 
There are 7 topics that the CRFS Lab  will explore in order to improve existing food systems:
  • Short value chains and locally produced food (e.g. school scheme and city markets) – how can the city/region/country procurement be a lever for more consumption of local food
  • Connecting food producers by showing them the benefits of collaboration
  • Creating a plan for self-sustainability associated with plan/strategy of Velika Gorica city and Zagreb county’s policies and goals
  • Creating environment and delivering know-how to particular stakeholders which can produce food for themselves (e.g. kindergartens, schools, penitentiary)
  • Fostering new start-ups/new services by engaging existing SMEs within the FOOD2030/city region food system framework, e.g. waste management, Smart Food growing, circular economic business models, etc.
  • Exploring the potential, examples and good practices for circular economy business model
Living Lab Team
  • Mario Konić
  • Violeta Crnogaj
  • Blanka Kovač Walaitis
  • Damir Lučić

Velika Gorica


Velika Gorica is historically the centre of a region Turopolje, and known as self-government district for more than 7 centuries. The city promotes awareness-raising of young population on local food production (cultivation, tradition, waste), healthy diet (organically grown food), environmentally friendly supply chains (low CO2 footprint). Another objective is to encourage residents to “know their food producer” by promoting food selection and traceability. These objectives are supported by policy measures via different stakeholders (e.g. schooling sphere, sport clubs, etc.). Local media,study-visits to local producers are key to support these initiatives.

Velika Gorica and the Zagreb county together have a population of over 300,000 people, which is nearly 10% of the total Croatian population. Additionally, considering that the Zagreb county surrounds the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, which has an additional 800,000 residents, the demand for food exceeds the current capacity of local producers. Due to limited resources, no reliable data is available regarding the output of food production in Velika Gorica and Zagreb county, including the quantity of waste, consumer purchasing patterns, and other related aspects.

Cities2030 partner organizations participating in Velika Gorica CRFS Lab

Within the framework of Cities2030, Velika Gorica region is represented by two project partners. Their collaboration is built upon the shared understanding that each one contributes with their available resources and expertise for the successful implementation of the project. They are:

The Development agency of the City of Velika Gorica – VE-GO-RA (VEGO, P08) Public institution established as a stable platform for providing informational, advisory, consulting, and operational support to participants in local development, with a strong emphasis on networking of public institutions, economic entities and civil society organizations.

The Inventive Solutions Ltd.  (INVE, P09), private firm with extensive experience in fruit growing consultancy for private growers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia and North Macedonia. As a primary producer and also advisor for apple, pear and cherry growers, he deals with the introduction of new technologies and research and development.