Murska Sobota

About us

City of Murska Sobota cooperates closely with Green Point (Zelena točka) Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) incorporating more than 70 local farmers, food producers and cooperatives, covering the production process in greenhouse and open- air fields, with logistics from own distribution centre and different means of sales such as public bodies (schooling sphere, retirement homes), private (restaurants, health resorts), own retail stores and online shops. Green Point continuously implements innovative business models and technologies, to increase the proportion of local and safe food. The city also promotes local cuisine by implementing different events to increase visibility and raise awareness on local/healthy food.

Living Lab Team

  • Tomaž Zadravec
  • Daniel Copot
  • Tomaž Bokan
  • Saša Štraus
  • Aleksandra Kocet
  • Simon Sukič
  • dr. Tadej Pirc

Follow our Living Lab activities.

GREEN POINT living lab acts in the area of Short Food Supply Chain (SFCS), based on fully deployed and functional SFSC called Green Point, located in Pomurje region (Slovenia). Its mission is to:

(i) empower cities and regions as agents of food system transformation by providing a demo-based environment for social change and

(ii) provide end-to-end technological and collaborative environment where SFSC actors and solution providers (SMEs, startups) could meet and use the living lab for systemic innovation in the areas of food production & processing, distribution, marketing, access and food consumption.

The Green point SFSC is continuously implementing innovative business models and technologies while actively contributing to increase proportion of local and safe food through awareness raising campaigns. Moreover, the GREEN POINT (under the umbrella of ITC) is providing innovation infrastructure to test technologies and demonstrate new value chains developed within the food supply, with Multi-Actor based approach, involving: policy makers, local governance, academia, business actors, food actors, consumers / consumer organizations, civil society and NGOs.

About Murska Sobota:

Murska Sobota is the largest town in Pomurje and the northernmost town in Slovenia. It is a typical sub-Pannonian settlement at an altitude of 190 meters. It is located not far from the border with neighboring countries Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It developed in the plain world on the left bank of the Mura River. The name “Sobota” originates from Saturday fairs, and later the adjective “Murska” was added because of the Mura River. It is the administrative, economic, cultural, educational and health center of the Pomurje region.

The region of Pomurje is covering 1.337km2 of land and has 122.068 inhabitants (roughly 5% of Slovenian population). The region has preserved unpolluted and untouched environment with vast fertile plains. At present sustained agriculture employs 8% of the working population. Among the most prosperous industries there are:

  •  Textile
  • Agri-food
  • Metal-processing
  • Chemicals

Main geographic and economic features of the region:

  •       Typical rural area – villages spread around flat area and small hills
  •       The most important area suitable for food production in Slovenia
  •       Majority of farmers are small and specialized, focused in low-volume/high quality produce
  •       Farm tourism very popular (farms, vine-shops, gastronomy)

Main needs of the region in terms of Smart Transition:

  •       New/smart technologies to be implemented for smart farming
  •       New/innovative (disruptive) business models following rural development goals
  •       New markets (customers) where higher margins are achieved – transformation to agricultural tourism
  •       Transition to eco-friendly, zero waste, healthy, socially responsible environment