D3.6 CRFS Taxonomy Compendium

WP3 CRFS INTELLIGENCE: structured and actionable knowledge

D3.6 CRFS Taxonomy Compendium


The present document is a constituent of the project’s Cities2030 work package number three (WP-3), and the result of information e.g., key findings and learnings gathered throughout the implementation of the WP-3 tasks. The present work proposes to use the concept of “taxonomy” to organise key components of urban food systems, framed in the project Cities2030 as cities and regions food systems (CRFS). The main aim of the present ‘CRFS taxonomy compendium’ (CTC) is to synthesize the ideas and tools which support knowledge augmentation on CRFS.

Deliverable leader and key authors

  • Bruno Sales da Silva, P5 IAAD

Contributors and authors


  • Selma Vaska, P01 UNIVE
  • Raffaella Lioce, P02 EPC