D2.4 White Paper on Responsibile Research and Innovation (RRI)

WP2 CRFS PHILOSOPHY: ethics, RRI and gender approach

D 2.4 White Paper on Responsibile Research and Innovation (RRI)


The purpose of this White Paper is to identify, explore and characterize the challenges for RRI encountered in food systems of 10 European cities and 2 regions.
Interviewing each of the 12 Cities2030’s pilots revealed inspiring stories of local initiatives trying to break through barriers to food innovation. Examining and sharing these food stories can foster collaboration and let innovation and research further flourish. For each story, we ask ourselves: what were the specific ‘drivers of change’ that helped to overcome local challenges?
All these stories are unique, yet share commonalities. Three common elements of RRI will be used as themes to group together these energizing stories:
• Public Engagement
• Science Education
• Government and Policy

Deliverable leader and key authors

Sam Van Damme (VIVES)

Contributors and authors

Daniel Molina (SINNO)
Terhi Välisalo (AGRIA)


Daniel Molina (SINNO)
Natasha Ristovska (GGP)

All Cities2030 Pilot Labs representatives