D2.1 Project philosophy guidelines

WP2 CRFS PHILOSOPHY: ethics, RRI and gender approach

D2.1 Project philosophy guidelines


This document contains the philosophy guidelines of the CITIES2030 project from an ethical point of view. The goal is to provide a Background of the Ethical Framework of the project as an operational setting that leads further activity in WP2, 1) ensuring adherence to the ethical principles and values of the project and 2) going beyond a list of ethical theoretical foundations, by providing guidance on how such principles can be implemented in CRFS.

The distribution of contents in the document is the following: Section 1 presents the context of the document within the activity of WP2, the Ethical Requirements and the other Work Packages of the project. Section 2 details the Concept and Vision of the Background of Ethical Framework. Sections 2, 3 and 4 detail the House of Cities2030 Ethics as building blocks of the ethical framework of the project. Section 5 presents conclusions and the Annex I provides the Guidelines for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data management.

Deliverable leader and key authors

  • P19 SINNO Daniel Molina
  • P13 AGRIA Terhi Välisalo

Contributors and authors

  • P14 Demet Osmancelebioglu
  • P14 Tuula Löytty
  • P13 Terhi Välisalo