D6.1 S2CP (Single Click Platform) Design and Reference Architecture

WP6 CRFS BLOCKCHAIN: Single Click CRFS Platform

D6.1 S2CP (Single click Platform) Design and Reference Architecture


The objective of this document is to present in a consistent way the S2CP design and reference architecture, as well as the set of technological requirements extracted from the interaction with the use cases and user requirements of Task 3.7.

Deliverable leader and key authors

P20 UPM Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria, Jesús Sánchez López, Tomás Robles, Miguel Manso, Diego Martín, Ionut Cira

Contributors and authors

P19 SINNO Francisco Royo, Daniel Molina

P21 WIT Micheal Crotty
P30 ITC  Tomaz Zadravec, Tomaz Bokan, Daniel Copot, Sasa Straus
P35 Uni.Lu  Aurel Machalek, Marharyta Aleksandrova, Latif Ladid
P37 PRIM Pedro Caridade