First edition of the Cortege of Transitions in Marseille

First edition of the Cortege of Transitions in Marseille

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Our goal with the Procession of Transitions is to bridge the gap between the center city and the surrounding poor neighbourhoods of Marseille, engage its citizens as well as show all the initiatives towards sustainable CRFS transition that take place in underpriviledged neighbourghoods. This is also to show the vitality, innovation and engagement of people who are regularly looked down upon and not considered as engaged towards CRFS transition.

The Cortège des transitions will visit 7 priority neighborhoods in the city of Marseille over the winter to create encounters between Marseille residents and structures involved in social, ecological and food transitions.

━ A few examples of the structures that will be taking part in the project:

  • les Paniers marseillais
  • les Muses Urbaines
  • Transforama
  • Marseille in Transition
  • la Fresque du climat
  • Zero Waste
  • Toy Academy
  • Dos mares – Blancardes workshops
  • Germ Association
  • Autrement plastique
  • Germinal / The crossroads of entrepreneurship
  • Le CCO Sainte Marthe
  • Terre d’entraide et de partage
  • Artagon
  • Le Talus
  • Ici Marseille
  • Le Carburateur
  • VRAC Marseille
  • Ressourcerie des futurs
  • Les petits débrouillards
  • 1 waste per day
  • And much more..

━ Where, When?

  • Sat. 08 October – Parvis de la gare de la Blancarde
  • Sat. October 15 – Air Bel – at the invitation of Air (ba) Bel
  • Sat. October 22 – Parc Foresta
  • Sat. October 29 – Parvis Gare Saint Charles
  • Wed. November 02 – Place Caffo
  • Wed. 01 January – La Capelette
  • Thu. January 02 – La Capelette
  • Fri. 03 February – La Cité de l’agriculture, closing conference with Perrine Hervé Gruyer

Taking place all across the winter, the Cortege is thought as a recurring event in order to reach as many citizens as possible, in their neighbourhoods. The real life channel of communication and engagement is an absolute necessity to reach the vast majority of the Marseille population who do not (or cannot) feel concerned about sustainable CRFS.