First meeting in presence of Cities2030 Executive Committee’s partners

First meeting in presence of Cities2030 Executive Committee’s partners

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

More than a year after the project start, on December 22 the main technical project activities leaders, finally met in person at the Coordinator’s premises, the Economics Department in Venice.

After lots of online meetings, being able to work seated at the same desk has been a great emotion for everyone, a team building experience that consolidated the involvement of the entire partnership in the
project’s activities.

The H2020 project Cities2030 – Co-creating resIlient and susTaInable food systEms towards FOOD2030 ” aims at innovating and optimizing the production, distribution and waste food cycles at urban level, strengthening cities as agents of transformation of the food system. EPC is one of the 41 partners of the consortium and works in synergy with the other local Italian partners: the Municipality of Vicenza and the International Library “La Vigna”, an Institute of documentation specialized in agricultural and rural world culture studies. Among the activities that will be carried out locally, the creation and management of a living Lab, open to the participation of local stakeholders of the food arena interested in the optimization of Vicenza urban food system from “farm to fork” fostering the development of new “circular economies”.

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