SocialInnoLabs Foundation is a non-profit organization whose activity is mainly focused on:

● Promoting research, innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, social and territorial cohesion through specifically focused projects and structuring of an international network Social Spaces for Research and Innovation (SSRI).

● Overcoming the barriers of society so that people-centred innovation is effective, transparent and participatory.

● Supporting innovation policies, environmental, social cohesion and inclusive rural development in society and enterprises, promoting Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

● Promoting transparency and citizen participation in associations and government agencies.

● Promotion of social and cultural Projects to help and contribute to the integration of people and groups having disadvantaged conditions.

Specific actions carried out by SocialInnoLabs Foundation, among others, are:

● Open innovation service provision through a technological platform that allows members of the network and each SSRI as support for tasks requiring Technology Surveillance, collaboration in innovation and research, impulse Technology Transfer actions and promotion of entrepreneurship in the context of a specific SSRI.

● Implementation of training initiatives regarding methodologies and technologies required to implement strategies and projects for open people led innovation.

● Promotion of best practices benchmarking frameworks to certify methods applied by a Social Space of Research and Innovation.

● Implementation of relevant technologies and standards (Big Data, Linked Open Data, Blockchain, IoT, etc.) to support participative user driven innovation.

The network of collaborators of the Foundation is held on a large number of experts in different technological and social disciplines that individually are part of the Social Spaces of Innovation deployed in Spain. Many of these members come from the university, private companies and other foundations with a strong vocation for social technological research.


Miguel Ángel Navarro


  • Miguel Ángel Navarro
  • Daniel Molina
  • Francisco Royo
  • Mikel Rius
  • Mat Max Montalvo Martínez
  • Javier García Guzmán

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Calle Monte Esquinza 24, planta 2, puerta Izquierda. 28010 Madrid. Spain

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