PRIMELAYER – Decision Support Technologies, in recent years has focused on the research and development of decision support platforms in the areas of civil protection, road infrastructure, and forest management, using algorithmic and artificial intelligence methods and downstream data – Space to Earth.

PRIMELAYER has been founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the University of Coimbra (technological transfer) for the use and application of GIS methodologies in the public sector. The main activities in the early beginning focused on the public sector mostly oriented toward verticals such as education, social, sports and cartography. The SME evolved to become one of the major players in GIS solutions in Portugal by using open-source highly secured systems on dedicated redundancy cloud facilities. High-performance computing and visualization techniques have been developed over the years combining static mapping techniques with machine learning algorithms in vertical/volumetry construction analysis using remote sending. Primary clients are Intermuniciplaities communities (also with near-real-time Civil Protection infrastructure), municipalities, governmental agencies, and also several verticals in the private sector (tourism, road infrastructure management, and construction). PRIMELAYER is currently one of the supported SMEs on the European Space Agency ARTES initiative for the use of Earth Observation techniques and intensive use of the EU Galileo constellation and GNSS technologies. The downstream space technology transfer has been recognized by Copernicus Masters in partnership with SpaceLayer Technologies a spin-off of PRIMELAYER being also an active member of the Copernicus Academy. European Commission recognized the work on Civil Protection in Copernicus4Regions publication, being one of the 5 success stories presented at the launching event. PRIMELAYER will use all the expertise and know-how to deal with the technical development, front-end, innovative mapping, and API design for WP6.


Pedro Caridade


  • Pedro Caridade
  • Paulo Caridade
  • Inês Otão
  • José Silvestre
  • Daniel Rosa
  • Tamara Santos
  • Carla Gouveia-Caridade

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Avenida Emidio Navarro, nº83 3000-151 Coimbra, Portugal

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