PROAGRIA Etelä-Pohjanmaa RY

PROAGRIA Etelä-Pohjanmaa RY

ProAgria is a Finnish expert organization providing an extensive network of specialists and a wide range of services to farmers and other rural entrepreneurs. ProAgria offers services and know-how to develop competitiveness in rural businesses as farming. Developing success in agriculture is our lifeline. ProAgria’s services and experts will improve time management and produce useful data for business development purposes. ProAgria is a key player in the development of rural entrepreneurship. Our projects take advantage of a wide co-operation network. Nationwide ProAgria centers have 650 employees of which 90 work within the center of Etelä-Pohjanmaa. Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation is a nationwide expert organisation and an extensive women’s network in rural areas.

We are a strong and well-known rural developer. Our aim is to promote lively and active rural communities. Our 1 300 associations at the municipal and village level offer a wide range of activities including training courses, excursions, and club meetings for over 50 000 members, making us one of the largest women’s organisations in Finland.

We offer expert services, consulting, planning, advice, and training. We employ 70 professionals in various fields of expertise. Our food experts organise food courses and training and take part in the area development. They also give food and nutrition lectures. Also, we offer diverse planning and expert services related to landscape and environmental management and planning. Our core expertise lies in advising enterprises in the fields of catering services, rural tourism, and food processing.

Experience in development project planning and management is in high level. Tens of development projects are running around the country.


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