Pitch event – Taste Day

Pitch event – Taste Day

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Vejle Municipality / Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv host TASTE DAY as part of a broader effort to promote understanding of taste and nutrition in schools across Europe. This event has evolved into a national commemorative day where schools all over the country engage in taste experiments and nutrition education. The Culinary Institute at Vejle Business College has decided to take this initiative to heart and make it a remarkable occasion.

As part of an ERASMUS project, 50 young people from different European countries were invited to Denmark to participate in TASTE DAY. Their main task was to explore taste and the art of adding flavor to food. They gained an in-depth understanding of the five basic tastes and how they could be combined, as well as how different textures could enhance the taste experience. An exciting challenge for them was to create their own hotdog, where they had to use all the basic tastes and experiment with different textures. Additionally, they were challenged to add flavor to a traditional tomato soup by experimenting with the sour, salty, sweet, umami, and bitter elements.

One special reason they were asked to work with the Danish version of a hotdog is that this dish uniquely illustrates the use of all the basic tastes and different textures in one single serving. It is a fantastic way to learn about taste and nutrition while also highlighting how important Danish food culture is for understanding taste composition and culinary experiences. TASTE DAY is, therefore, not just an event celebrating taste but also an opportunity to build bridges between cultures and exchange knowledge about gastronomy across Europe.

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