Workshop with Seligmansschool: Exploring Sustainable Food

Workshop with Seligmansschool: Exploring Sustainable Food

Monday, September 5, 2022

Vejle Municipality – Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv, has taken a proactive step towards fostering a sustainable food culture right from the grassroots. In a recent initiative, the focus was squarely on the future generation, as elementary school students from the local Seligmansschool embarked on an eye-opening journey into the world of sustainable food.

The heart of this engaging workshop was the age-old culinary art of deboning a whole chicken. However, there was a modern twist to this tradition—students were guided on how to perform this task with utmost care, ensuring that not a single part of the chicken went to waste. The goal was clear: to transform this poultry into delectable nuggets, showcasing how every inch of an ingredient can be put to good use. This hands-on experience not only unlocked culinary skills but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

For the Culinary Institute, these workshops for elementary students represent a crucial mission—to combat food waste, one workshop at a time. The initiative is driven by a resounding commitment to reducing the significant issue of food waste that plagues our world. By teaching young minds the value of resourcefulness in the kitchen, the Culinary Institute hopes to sow the seeds of a sustainable food ethos that will shape their culinary choices for years to come.

With 22 eager participants, the workshop was an unequivocal success, demonstrating the enthusiasm of the younger generation to embrace sustainable food practices. By equipping these young minds with the knowledge and skills to make environmentally conscious culinary choices, Vejle Municipality and The Culinary Institute are taking significant strides towards a future where sustainable food is second nature. This workshop not only taught students how to debone a chicken but also how to make a positive impact on the world—one delicious nugget at a time.

For more information about the Workshop, please watch the following video: