CRFS Lab description

Food for Iasi Living Lab” is conceived as a collaborative and innovative hub with a primary mission to facilitate connections among various stakeholders within Iași City region Food System (CRFS).

The primary objective of the CRFS Lab:
  • to identify and assess specific challenges within Iași’s urban food system
  • to explore innovative solutions capable of addressing these challenges.
  • to foster the creation of a resilient and sustainable food system that benefits the city and its inhabitants



The city of Iaşi possesses extensive experience in transforming its food system, characterized by local partnerships and various projects. Over the past four years, the city has allocated more than 4 million euros to fortify the agri-food system. Its primary objective is to build upon the previous program framework, focusing on overcoming existing barriers to food system transformation and developing sustainable, resilient urban food policies. Iaşi seeks to address food-related needs by fostering partnerships between public and private entities across regions and nations. Notable projects include the Green Weekend Market, which promotes local products, Made in Moldova, aimed at promoting local products both domestically and internationally, and the Slow Food Youth Network, which engages in discussions regarding local products and traditions.

Iași, located in historic Moldavia, is a hub of Romanian social, cultural, academic, and artistic life. It served as the capital of Moldavia from 1564 to 1859 and the United Principalities from 1859 to 1862. During 1916-1918, it was Romania’s capital. Known as “The Cultural Capital of Romania,” Iași is a symbol of the nation. It administers Iași County, drives Moldavia’s economy, hosts Romania’s first university, and ranks as the second-largest university center, with 75,000 students. With a population of 305,978, Iași spans 5,476 square kilometers, preserving its historical and contemporary importance.

In the realm of economics, Iași is a significant player within Romania. Its key sectors encompass Information Technology and Communications (ITC), healthcare, education, research, culture, government, tourism, and manufacturing. Notably, it actively engages in metallurgical production, pharmaceuticals, textiles, clothing, construction, banking, wine production, and preserved meat processing.

As a focal point in the ITC sector, Iași houses software companies and two universities renowned for producing high-quality graduate engineers. Additionally, the city boasts a well-developed commercial landscape, featuring shopping malls and commercial centers. In essence, Iași embodies a multifaceted blend of history, culture, academia, and economic dynamism, making it a thriving and vibrant city in Romania.

Cities2030 partner organizations participating in the Iași CRFS Lab:

As part of the Cities2030 initiative, the “Food for Iași Living Lab” is represented by two project partners: the Municipality of Iași (IASI, P28) and the Academia Romana Filiala Iași (ARFI, P29).