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Agri-food justice and policy innovation, levers for transforming City Region Food Systems

The Cities2030 project is coming to an end and partner organizations will convene in Marseille for a 2-day event on June 19 and 20, aimed at showcasing achievements, fostering dialogue, and promoting best practices in city region food systems. This event will feature presentations, workshops, and panel discussions focusing on the promotion of Agrifood justice, democracy, and policy innovation in CRFS.

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Cities2030 at the Degrowth conference in Zagreb

The conference brought together activists, artists, academics, practitioners, political representatives and the general public to explore possible ways of caring and resilience for people and the planet. The conference will cover topics such as climate justice, alternative economies and transformational climate policy.

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Velika Gorica Lab at the three-day program for the transformation of local food systems – Cities2030

Three-day program gathered around eighty participants from European partners to transfer the knowledge and experiences of 41 partner countries, all with the same goal of transforming the food system in their cities and regions.

The purpose of the three-day program is to encourage personal interaction between consortium members to build much-needed professional working relationships and expand and strengthen networks between CRFS and external partners.

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Pitch event: The Climate Day

The Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv actively participated in Vejle Municipality’s Climate Day, a significant event focused on fostering sustainable climate-related transitions and addressing pressing

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The Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab logo

The Municipality of Vicenza and its third associate party, the International Library “La Vigna”, has decided to design a dedicated logo for the “Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab”, thus better supporting the visibility of the initiatives developed in the framework of the policy lab and living lab.

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Fireta de Nadal 2022

In December 2022, Quart és Europa held an exciting event, the “Fireta de Nadal”, which took place on 26 and 27. During this festive occasion,

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