CRFS Lab description

In Vejle, we want to show the way towards a more sustainable food system and take the lead in finding solutions that address global challenges – and that work in our local context. A sustainable food system contributes to our municipality’s overall resilience, and we want to actively use our municipal platform to stimulate new solutions and innovation.

The key specific objectives, identified needs or problems that the CRFS Lab aims to address

Food as climate action: Vejle wants to reduce the Co2 emission from unsustainable food production and consumption. We want to impact through 1) Green and climate friendly food in the public institutions 2) Awareness and knowledge on how to live and consume climate friendly food

Food and sustainable growth: Vejle wants to be a spearhead for a future fit food Industry and show how sustainable food is sound business. 3) Plantbased food innovation. 4) Local food products and short supply-chains 5) Gastro-tourism and rural development

Food and social resilience: Vejle wants to ensure that food is a part of our local identity and social cohesion. 6) Food skills for all 7) Food and health  

WE will work towards the goals through the identified 7 themes and will design actions through experiments to work toward new knowledge and tangible solutions. 

The primary solutions that the lab intends to pursue during project implementation:

Events where visibility, dialogue and interaction are created: we will work primarily into larger events where our themes (e.g. food waste, food competencies, etc.) can be reflected in different ways. For example as visual communication, but also interactively as “events within the event”, i.e. collecting ideas, competitions etc.

Workshops where ideas are generated, exchanged and created jointly: we work both on-location in Culinary Institute where we utilize the facilities, e.g. digital tools and test in relation to cooking. We also work as a “plug-in” at other people’s meetings and locations or events. Finally, we also want to work online, especially when it comes to gathering people not only locally – or where it’s about getting many involved.

Courses and educational material where competence is developed, we work broadly with competence development, preferably through complication of knowledge and development of eg teaching material. Competence development can also take place in development courses, eg a seminar series, a sparring course, etc.

Communication – SoMe , Videos, Cases and Stories. Culinary The Institute has a good starting point for communicating on SoMe and through videos. This will be used in dissemination but also as a tool to engage.





Vejle has a very strong foundation to help take the lead in creating solutions for sustainable food systems. Our region has a strong food industry and the innovation environment is centered in Vejle. Further, Vejle municipality is highly committed to create good conditions for sustainable change through innovation and has existing cross-departmental involvement in achieving this. Vejle’s local business structure is characterized by a strong food industry with representation of the whole food value chain “from farm to fork”. Our area is strong on agriculture, industrial food processing, food storage and logistics, as well as food service (eg restaurants and tourism). Further to this we have industry that supports food production including packaging and process equipment.

Vejle, a historic Danish city in Jutland, blends its past with a progressive outlook, aligning with Cities2030 goals. Notable for its Viking heritage and modern Vejle Fjord Bridge, the city combines tradition with innovation.

Territorially, Vejle boasts stunning natural surroundings, emphasizing sustainability and connectivity, mirroring Cities2030’s environmental focus. Socio-economically, the city’s diverse economy, low unemployment, and investments in education align with the aim of prosperity for all.

In summary, Vejle’s rich history, environmental consciousness, and economic strengths epitomize Cities2030’s core topics, showcasing a city that honors its past while forging a sustainable and inclusive future.

Cities2030 partner organizations participating in Vejle CRFS Lab

Vejle’s project partner has evolved into the Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv (VEJLE, P10). This institute, working closely with Vejle Municipality, stands as a dynamic hub for culinary education and food innovation. It serves as a magnet for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts who wish to refine their skills through a variety of programs and workshops led by seasoned chefs. Beyond its dedication to culinary excellence, the institute thrives as a fertile ground for culinary innovation. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a firm commitment to culinary education and creativity, the Culinary Institute by Vejle Erhverv plays an instrumental role in shaping the future of gastronomy political visibility of the sustainable food system agenda. As executive director of the department, he will lead the signing of the mayor’s declaration MUFPP.