About us

Connected to the rural context Existing Foodlab with proven track record. Quadruple helix partnerships. Catering facility for local elderly population as well as for tourism.

Bruges is the only regional Cities2030 partner in Belgium but has the ambition to share and multiplicate our outcomes with other cities in Belgium. In terms of living lab activities 4 partners (City of Bruges, Ruddersstove, Mintus and Vives)  will be working closely together with many partners of the foodservice and care network in and around Bruges.

Living Lab Team

  • Lieven Astaes
  • Elisa Raes
  • Karine Debastelier
  • Barbara Plovie
  • Lien Van den Broeck
  • Annelien Desplenter
  • Sam Van Damme
  • Stéphanie Del Cioppo

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The major project objectives:

  • Enhance circularity and local food belts
  • Protect & preserve natural resources
  • Secure healthy and sustainable food
  • Stop food poverty and insecurity
  • Develop food culture and skillsopics included in the lab

Topics included in the lab:

  • Farm to fork aspects
  • Personalization of diets
  • (Care)-network aspects of the 65+ individual
  • Food technologies 
  • Sustainable delivery system 
  • Smart food related technologies at home