D3.2 – White paper on sustainable CRFS

WP3 CRFS INTELLIGENCE: structured and actionable knowledge

D3.2 - White Paper on Sustainable City Region Food Systems (CRFS)


This Deliverable (D3.2) aims to provide insight into the current status of the sustainability of City Region Food Systems (CRFS). The paper reflects on the existing legislative framework on food systems on multiple levels of governance and assesses top-down and bottom-up approaches to food system governance. The deliverable takes into account the perspectives and actions from 13 Living Labs across Europe to provide insights and steps forward.

Deliverable leader and key authors

Suzanne van Osch, Stella Archontaki, (Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Contributors and authors


P01 UNIVE: Selma Vaska

P02 EPC: Raffaella Lioce