D3.3 Systems Thinking Methodology

WP3 CRFS INTELLIGENCE: structured and actionable knowledge

D3.3 Systems Thinking Methodology


Deliverable D3.3 describes the process and results that embrace a methodological and logical framework for Cities and Regions Food Systems to apply Systems Thinking. The provision responds to the following questions: 

  • What are the issues in Cities and Regions Food Systems? 
  • Why is it important to find solutions to these issues?
  • How to make sense of urban food systems’ interconnections?
  • Which are the scenarios and best solutions?

The evolution of the D3.3 includes participatory activities, an application of pre-existing models, and pioneer exploitation of novel ICT tools.  The results are leverageable in nearly all work packages of CITIES2030.

Deliverable leader and key authors

  • P14 SLEAN, Tuula Löytty
  • P29 ARFI, Codrin Dinu Vasiliu
  • P29 ARFI, Ioan Sebastian Brumă
  • P29 ARFI, Lucian Tanasă

Contributors and authors

  • P33 IVM, Mark Koetse
  • P22 MATIS, Justine Vanhalst
  • P07 UNRF, Kyriakos E. Georgiou
  • P07 UNRF, Edna Yamasaki
  • P14 SLEAN, Demet Osmancelebioglu
  • P05 IAAD, Bruno da Silva
  • P29 ARFI, Sebastian Doboș
  • P14 SLEAN, Kalle Karlsson