D3.7 – 100 Innovation frameworks for CRFS

WP3 CRFS INTELLIGENCE: structured and actionable knowledge

D3.7 - 100 Innovation frameworks for CRFS


Deliverable D3.7 introduces and describes 100 innovations and good practices in City Region Food System observed or developed by Cities2030 partners and stakeholders. All innovations are clustered in 10 categories based on the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations CRFS concept.

Deliverable leader and key authors

P25 LLF (Kristine ROLLE, Zane SILIŅA), contributors: P 1 UNIVE, P2 EPC, P3 BRUG, P3A, P4 VIVES, P5 IAAD, P6 INAG, P7 UNRF, P8 VEGO, P9 INVE, P10 VEJLE, P11 QUA, P12 INTO, P13 AGRIA, P15 BRH, P16 TTZ, P17 BIOZ, P18 QUAR, P19 SINNO, P20 UPM, P21 WIT, P22 MATIS, P23 FFI, P24 VPR, P26 GGP, P27 AGFT, P28 IASI, P29 ARFI, P30 ICT, P31 CORR, P32 VIZ, P33 IVM, P34 MOMS, P37 PRIM, P38 IUAV, P39 RTU, P40 CITAG, P41 HARL

Contributors and authors