D4.3 Pilot cities Policy Action Plans

WP1 Impact

D4.3 Pilot cities Policy Action Plans


This deliverable describes the Policy Lab creation process and results. Supportive materials have been developed in the form of a step-by-step guide that the labs can follow to guide them through the process of lab creation, consisting of:
– Setting up a stakeholder network
– Assessing the policy context in which the lab operates
– Formulation of a vision for the policy lab
– Formulation of SMART goals and SMART tasks
This deliverable builds upon the approach developed in D4.2 and the WP4 support model consisting of the Policy Lab Seminar series, a peer network for policy labs and the development of action plan templates. Combined these form an integrated WP4 approach and provide support to the policy labs in their development.

Deliverable leader and key authors

Suzanne van Osch (IVM)

Contributors and authors


Raffaella Lioce (EPC)