D6.3 Service-Based open collaboration space development report

WP6 CRFS BLOCKCHAIN: Single Click CRFS Platform

D6.3 Service-Based open collaboration space development report


This deliverable describes the intermediate version of the Service-based Open Collaboration Space (SOCS), which integrates digital technology solutions for increasing stakeholder’s collaboration performance levels and decision-making accuracy.  The deliverable includes the technical description of the developed applications and services, considering the use of standardized and common user interfaces with other technological solutions, to allow their interconnection with existing infrastructures. Specifically, the intermediate version of the SOCS includes the following components: Cities2030 community, Good Practices, Innovation management platform, blockchain-enabled marketplace for SFSC and ageneral description of four other components that will be developed in the second period of the project. User manuals of the main components are shown in Annexes I to IV.

Deliverable leader and key authors

P20 UPM Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria, Jesús Sánchez López, Tomás Robles, Miguel Manso, Diego Martín, Ionut Cira

Contributors and authors

P19 SINNO Francisco Royo, Daniel Molina

P30 ITC Tomaz Zadravec, Tomaz Bokan, Daniel Copot, Sasa Straus, Miran Bunderla

P35 UNIL  Aurel Machalek

P37 PRIM Pedro Caridad