D6.5 S2CP dashboard report

WP6 CRFS BLOCKCHAIN: Single Click CRFS Platform

D6.5 S2CP dashboard report


This deliverable  describes the work carried out in Task 6.5, aiming to develop a frontend (web and mobile) gathering all the available information from different sources and tasks.  It will focus on user experience design (UX), developing an adaptive dashboard capable of integrating different web and mobile interfaces to serve as decision support systems in Cities2030. The dashboards will allow users to query project data, apply data analytics operations and visualize the outcome, while customizing the dashboard based on their own needs. The living and policy labs can use this environment to compare the results of applying different processes or techniques to their data, and to monitor the performance of their solutions.

Deliverable leader and key authors

PRIM (P37): Pedro Caridade

UPM (P20): Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria, MA Manso, Ionut Cira

UNIL (P35): Aurel Machalek

Contributors and authors