D7.2 Dissemination Package

WP7 CRFS BEACON: Dissemination, exploitation, communication synergies

D7.2 Dissemination Package


Deliverable D7.2 describes the digital tools (applications and templates) for the Cities2030 website and dissemination package. Deliverable D7.2 is support for dissemination, communication and visual identity of the project.

D7.2 Dissemination Package represents a report on the dissemination package e.g. consolidated project’s image and overall branding (logo, stationery, etc.), website and social media pages, events guidelines and formats, leaflets, newsletters, infographics, roll-up, posters, innovation, action campaigns, and overall merchandising at large (CITIES2030 Grant Agreement 2020). The purpose of D7. Dissemination Package lies in introducing the principles of the CITIES2030 project for the dissemination of materials and tools.

Deliverable leader and key authors

P05 IAAD, Bruno da Silva

P29 ARFI, Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

Contributors and authors


P40 CITAG, Vincent Kulesza