Correlate is a Norwegian software company with the best in class tool for people to manage, organize and collaborate around the information stored in different places. Correlate was founded in 2015 as a born-global company located in Oslo, Norway. Eliminating digital chaos is not easy. That’s why we have rolled up our sleeves and built a powerful little app with a toolset to help find what you are looking for, organize your content, and collaborate with your peers. With Correlate’s productivity tools we give you the power and flexibility of more complex apps in an easy to use intuitive document-like layout. Organizing a project has never been easier.

In case activities undertaken in non-EU countries raise ethical issues, the beneficiary must confirm that the research conducted outside the EU is legal in at least one EU Member State.


Halvor Kalve


  • Norbert Keri
  • Anastasia Buialo

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