The city of Bruges is a local authority in Flanders – Province of West Flanders, of which the City of Bruges is the capital with 119.000 inhabitants, Belgium. In the context of the European ‘Food Smart Cities for Development’ project, the city of Bruges drew up a strategy (Bruggesmaakt) to promote sustainable food: the Food Guidelines (2015). In addition to the social dimension, there is a strong focus on avoiding the production/waste of surplus food, farm to fork, city agriculture, Fair Trade and education (less meat, sustainable fish,..) The City of Bruges emphasised its ambition in this respect by signing the Urban Food Policy Pact (Milan, October 2015) and the Glasgow Food and Climate declaration (2021). This foodstrategy is made up in cocreation with the Bruges FoodLab. Since 2018, the Brugs Food Lab has evolved into an overarching independent platform with a diverse range of members. Mintus is a division of OCMW, the Centre for Public Welfare in Bruges. As a whole, OCMW offers care and support for people who need it in the region. Mintus specifically focuses on care for elderly people at home and in care residences. In our policy, we stress the importance of autonomy of the individual, which allows him or her to live at home as long as possible. Mintus helps these people by offering transport, cleaning support, preparing meals and bringing them in touch with peers or buddies. When people become too dependent or need specific care that cannot be offered at home, Mintus welcomes them in care residences or residential housing with assistance on demand. We manage 7 care residences in Bruges, which offer place and 24/7 care in a homely context Ruddersstove as the central meal-care organization of the city of Brugge was founded in 2007 due to end of life of the facilities & equipment within the residential care settings. Ruddersstove cook for about 2.200 persons per day for different segment in the market of elderly people: 8 residential care settings, 9 local service centres, 4 children care settings, 2 settings for disabled persons and for about 1.100 elderly at home Ruddersstove has partnerships with 5 municipalities to organize the home meal delivery so we have regional impact. Because of the rising awareness of societal impact of meal care as an integration of healthcare & social care organized in a sustainable way we reformulated our mission according to the triple aim – We increase the quality of life in terms of physical, psychological & social aspects for every person in need of care together with his caregiving environment by tasty and healthy meals in a customer-adapted context – As a care organization, we support each other in our missions by helping to realize better care & efficiency gains so that our resources can be used more effective and customer-oriented – We help to maintain the affordability of care by supporting each other, setting up specializations and economies of scale in partnership The values we prosper are Client centered – inclusive approach, Personalization – better experience, Respect for autonomy by preserving the right to choose and Easy to use & accessible. Our solution model is based on 4 P’s: Preventive, Predictable, Personal and Participative To realize our mission, we cooperate with all stakeholders. These are the informal care partners and the professional actors. In this way Ruddersstove is embedded in a transmural and multidisciplinary care network. To implement the circle of Mealcare and the cooperation with the stakeholders we developed a software platform where each actor has access according to their role make his contribution.


Lieven Astaes (Ruddersstove)


  • Stephanie Del Cioppo (Mintus)
  • Karine De Batselier (city of Bruges)
  • Elisa Raes (city of Bruges)

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