Agri-food Justice and Policy Innovation Event in Marseille

Marseille, June 19-21 – The “Agri-food Justice and Policy Innovation: Levers for Transforming City Region Food Systems” conference took place over three dynamic days in Marseille, gathering experts and stakeholders to discuss and innovate around sustainable food systems within urban and regional contexts. Day 1 – June 19: The event commenced with a warm reception […]

Agri-food justice and policy innovation, levers for transforming City Region Food Systems

The Cities2030 project is coming to an end and partner organizations will convene in Marseille for a 2-day event on June 19 and 20, aimed at showcasing achievements, fostering dialogue, and promoting best practices in city region food systems. This event will feature presentations, workshops, and panel discussions focusing on the promotion of Agrifood justice, democracy, and policy innovation in CRFS.

Vidzeme Living Lab: Representatives from Vidzeme municipalities (Latvia) learn about the city and county of Tartu’s (Estonia) experience with organic food in school and kindergarten meals

From April 8 to 9, Vidzeme municipalities specialists, Vidzeme Planning Region, and Latvian Rural Forum representatives participated in a study tour to Tartu City and County, Estonia, as part of the Cities 2030 Vidzeme Living Lab. The tour aimed to learn about experience in Estonia organizing procurements at educational institutions, including organic food products into their menus, meal planning, and food waste reduction.

Vidzeme Lab: Steps towards changes in the food system in Latvia

The international forum “Mission: Establishing a Bioregion in the Gauja National Park” was held on 25 October in Sigulda, Culture Centre “Siguldas devons”. Vidzeme Planning Region, Cēsis Municipality, Sigulda Municipality, the Association “Greenfest”, Latvian Rural Advisory and Education Centre were the main organizers of the forum. Experts from Latvia and abroad gathered to present the bioregion concept and activities in Europe, and to share inspiring examples of forward-thinking regional development.

Cities2030 at the Degrowth conference in Zagreb

The conference brought together activists, artists, academics, practitioners, political representatives and the general public to explore possible ways of caring and resilience for people and the planet. The conference will cover topics such as climate justice, alternative economies and transformational climate policy.

Innovation Actions in CRFS Living Labs

Innovation actions in CRFS Living Labs on 27042023 2

The CRFS Living Labs have implemented its action plans since November 2022. Living Labs’ main actors are Cities2030 consortium partners supported by local multi-actor stakeholders. The nineteen (19) forerunning CRFS Living Labs fall into 2 groups: The action plan of the living lab encompasses the current state analysis, future state vision, gap analysis, challenge statements, […]