Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab: “PassaVIvande” event (April 15-16, 2023)

Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab: “PassaVIvande” event (April 15-16, 2023)

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

PassaVIvande” is a 2-days public consultation and participatory planning process on food and city policies organised in April 2023 by the Cities2030 Vicenza Food Lab, which is managed by the Municipality of Vicenza in close collaboration with the International Library “La Vigna”.

Borrowing its name from the famous serving hatch designed by Carlo Scarpa at Palazzo Brusarosco-Zaccaria (the historical location of “La Vigna”), this initiative aimed to symbolically connect the past and future of food in Vicenza, but also enhance the strategic role of the food ecosystem for the growth and transformation of the city and its territory.

The objective was to bring out the most relevant “recipes” for improving the city’s food system and designing the Vicenza Food Policy, but also to collect, explain and enhance the territory’s creativity and ability to do things, putting them in a more effective relationship with the Cities2030 project and with local institutions

On April 15, the opening seminar involved experts such as Patrizio Roversi, Andrea Calori, Chiara Pirovano, Egidio Dansero and Danilo Gasparini.

The Open Space Technology (OST) was used by facilitators. OST is a participatory methodology used around the world to facilitate public consultation of large and heterogeneous groups around complex themes. It is based on the valorization of the freedom and responsibility of the participants, who are called to co-create the work agenda based on their own priorities.

This event involved all the main stakeholders and allowed the development of 4 “recipes” for the city’s new food policy!