Clear as glass: Innovative techniques in the greenhouse 

Clear as glass: Innovative techniques in the greenhouse 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Technology and innovations in the greenhouse sector are evolving rapidly.
On 9th February, you are invited to Agrotopia (Roeselare, Belgium), the largest greenhouse in Europe, for an inspiring evening. Companies and partners from across the sector will introduce innovative techniques in greenhouse cultivation, with plenty of opportunities for networking and seeing on-site set-ups of systems. This event is the final symposium of the Hy4Dense project, where international partners worked on a new, substrate-free hydroponic system for densely sown crops such as lamb’s lettuce, rocket, spinach and Swiss chard. You will get a first look at the results and demonstration of the pilot installation.

At Agrotopia, researchers are also investigating whether controlled far-red supplemental lighting in the cultivation of tomato, cucumber and leafy crops can increase yield. And they are exploring the possibilities of vertical farming. Both topics will be explained and demonstrated during this informative evening.


Welcome with drink

Introduction: innovative techniques in the greenhouse – Maarten Ameye, Inagro

17.10 u
A new hydroponic system for densely sown crops – the Hy4Dense- partners explain their results of four years of research.
• Why develop a new hydroponic system and how does it work? – An Decombel, Inagro
• Different infrastructures, adapted to the cultivation requirements of various crops:

  • Rocket salad – Lydia Smith, NIAB
  • Spinach – Matthijs Blind, Vertify
  • Lamb’s lettuce – Elise Tardy, Inagro
    • The benefits of using artificial light – John Stamford and Tracy Lawson, Universiteit of Essex
    • Future plans for the implementation of the hydroponic system – Elise Tardy, Inagro
    Far red supplemental LED in horticulture – Bert Deruyck, Inagro

Vertical farming research @ Inagro – Bert Deruyck, Inagro

Closing remarks – Maarten Ameye, Inagro

Guided tours of Agrotopia
• pilot installation of the hydroponic system for densely sown crops (Hy4Dense)
• Far red supplemental LED
• Vertical farming
Walking dinner with expozone and optional visit to Agrotopia

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