Lahti Living Lab’s bokashi experiment is closed

Lahti Living Lab’s bokashi experiment is closed

Thursday, October 27, 2022

A bokashi experiment has been implemented in the Lahti area. In bokashi, household food waste is fermented and processed into organic soil and fertilizer.

The experiment started in Midsummer 2022 and has now come to an end.

The core of the experiment was formed by 10 bokashi experimenters. The experiment was promoted by 17 experts related to bio-waste processing: experienced bokashers, company representatives, researchers, as well as other actors and stakeholder representatives related to bio-waste processing.

About the 12 nudging measures and their results:

1. Founded a Lahti-focused community of bokashi and biowaste processing

2. 10 bokashi accessories (video)

3. Analysis of the drivers and barriers of bokashi

4. Peer mentoring in WhatsApp group

5. Expert of Experience mentoring in WhatsApp group

6. Active visibility on social media (websites, FB, LI) – collectively

7. Stories and experiences of experimenters in the form of blogs:

8. 2 initiatives to implement a public/open bokashi course

9. Feedback to the urban zoning plan regarding the consideration of the Urban Greening Plan

10. Interface to Oulu University’s Biodiverse Anthropocenes research

11. Promote information about how biowaste is handled in Finland (map)

12. Sharing experiences, knowledge and skills at the event on 25 August 2022 (video)

On the Community platform of the Cities2030 project, you can find more information in English.