Workshop: Nurturing Awareness and Flavor on National Legumes Day

On National Legumes Day, Vejle Municipality / Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv took a momentous step by hosting an engaging workshop in collaboration with a local 8th-grade class. The primary goal of this workshop was to impart valuable knowledge about the significance of legumes in today’s environmentally conscious world while exploring the exciting realm of […]

A look back at the first meeting between the Marseilles network of urban farmers and the network of third places of the South

Last year, in the course of events and meetings, the Cité de l’agriculture and its network of urban farmers crossed paths with Réseau Sud Tiers-lieux. The two networks quickly identified common agricultural and food issues. Third-places like urban farms are hybrid places that combine production, food, research-action and awareness-raising, while seeking to foster social ties […]

[Call to action] Survey on current food system & needs in Velika Gorica

POZIV Anketa stanja prehrambenog sustava u Velikoj Gorici

The Cities2030 project – Lab Velika Gorica – collects the current state and needs of local producers and consumers in order to create an action plan for improving the local food system. Inputs from citizens and producers are an important link in the further organization of project activities.

Lahti Living Lab’s bokashi experiment is closed

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Lahti Living Lab’s bokashi experiment is closed.

A bokashi experiment has been implemented in the Lahti area. In bokashi, household food waste is fermented and processed into organic soil and fertilizer.

Experiment: Bokashi – Food waste bio composting

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The Lahti Living Lab’s experiment at Cities2030  is “Bokashi – Food waste bio composting”. Its objective is to explore bio-composting food waste from the table to the fields to enhance inhabitants’ positive carbon handprint, self-sufficiency, and resilience.

The amount of food waste in Finland is staggering with a total of 360 million kilos of food being thrown away every year. Households’ proportion of the wasted food is 107 – 137 million kg (33%).   In the urban setting, food waste is approximately 50 kg annually per person.