Cities2030 at the Degrowth conference in Zagreb

The conference brought together activists, artists, academics, practitioners, political representatives and the general public to explore possible ways of caring and resilience for people and the planet. The conference will cover topics such as climate justice, alternative economies and transformational climate policy.

Velika Gorica Lab at the three-day program for the transformation of local food systems – Cities2030

Three-day program gathered around eighty participants from European partners to transfer the knowledge and experiences of 41 partner countries, all with the same goal of transforming the food system in their cities and regions.

The purpose of the three-day program is to encourage personal interaction between consortium members to build much-needed professional working relationships and expand and strengthen networks between CRFS and external partners.

[Call to action] Survey on current food system & needs in Velika Gorica

POZIV Anketa stanja prehrambenog sustava u Velikoj Gorici

The Cities2030 project – Lab Velika Gorica – collects the current state and needs of local producers and consumers in order to create an action plan for improving the local food system. Inputs from citizens and producers are an important link in the further organization of project activities.