Pitch Event: Vejle Municipality / Culinary Institute

By Vejle Erhverv Presents Gastronomic Underground: A Celebration of Green Gastronomy Vejle Municipality / Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv proudly hosted the highly anticipated Gastronomic Underground event at their state-of-the-art venue within the Food Innovation House. This extraordinary culinary extravaganza was themed “Green Gastronomy,” offering a unique platform for budding young chefs to showcase their […]

Workshop: Nurturing Awareness and Flavor on National Legumes Day

On National Legumes Day, Vejle Municipality / Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv took a momentous step by hosting an engaging workshop in collaboration with a local 8th-grade class. The primary goal of this workshop was to impart valuable knowledge about the significance of legumes in today’s environmentally conscious world while exploring the exciting realm of […]

Pitch event: The Climate Day

The Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv actively participated in Vejle Municipality’s Climate Day, a significant event focused on fostering sustainable climate-related transitions and addressing pressing environmental concerns. In this context, the Culinary Institute initiated a compelling project known as “The Fjord on the Table,” with the primary objective of shedding light on the invasive species […]

Pitch Event: Vejle Eats Together

Vejle Municipality /Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv, embarked on a heartwarming mission to foster a sense of togetherness and combat loneliness among its residents. This compassionate initiative resulted in the creation of a series of food communities spread across various locations within the municipality, where individuals of all ages and backgrounds found solace and camaraderie […]

The Potato Sprout: Cultivating Culinary Excellence during Potato Week

Within the vibrant framework of Potato Week, Vejle Municipality / Culianry Institute By Vejle Erhverv hosted an exciting competition known as “The Potato Sprout” takes root, specifically tailored for school students with a penchant for cooking. This unique culinary contest celebrates the glorious potato as its central theme, challenging students to harness their culinary creativity […]

Pitch event The Potato Award: Celebrating Culinary Excellence During Potato Week

In the heart of Potato Week, a culinary spectacle known as “The Potato Award” unfolds, brought to life through a collaborative effort by the Vejle Municipality / the Culinary Institute By Vejle Erhverv, graciously hosted at the Food Innovation House. This event stands as a shining example of the extraordinary potential of potatoes within the […]